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Dance T-Shirts and Hoodies

Dancing is a beautiful art. It’s also not as easy as it looks, and it can give your body quite the workout. That’s all part of what you love, though. You don’t mind the work and you don’t mind sweating and sore muscles, because it all goes into creating this wonderful art form.

You’re a dancer. You might be a professional dancer or you might just be an ardent hobbyist, but either way, what you love most is to move to the music. Whether your preferred form is ballet, tap, jazz, modern or ballroom, you’re happiest when you’re shimmying and stepping across the floor. You seem to hear that music all the time, or maybe it’s just because you agree that “My Life is One Big Musical.” Well, most musicals beat reality any day.

Dancing is your favorite way to express yourself, and the time when you’re most at peace with the world. That’s why we have a tee that says you never have to explain yourself because “Dancers are Always En Pointe.”

Dancers have to stay in shape, and they have to practice for hours on end. You’re disciplined and you take your art seriously. That’s why you don’t have time for people who want to slack off or get in your way. Like the tee says, “Step Up or Step Aside,” because you’re up next and you’re showing them just how it’s done.

We’ve got tees and hoodies that will make you spin with happiness. Try one that expresses how dance is fundamental to you: “Live Love Dance.” Those are the only things that really matter in life, aren’t they? Or maybe you’d like a tee or hoodie that will useful in getting you out of any awkward social invitations when you’d rather be dancing. Telling them, “I Can’t. I Have Dance” will give them an excuse they have no choice but to accept.

We also have tees for those of you who aren’t exactly the best dancers. Were you a Seinfeld fan? You’ll get a knowing laugh with our tee or hoodie that tells them, “I Can Dance Like Elaine; What’s Your Superpower?” Others with two left feet will appreciate the tee that says, “Embarrassing My Children: Just One of the Services I Offer.”

If you’re a fan of puns, and surely every dancer is, make them smile with our tee that says, “Accountants Like to Party; They Dance Their Assets Off.”

At I Love Apparel, we have dance-themed tees and hoodies that celebrate your art—or your clumsiness. We know you’ll find one that is right on point for you.


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