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Cycling T-Shirts and Hoodies

Like most of us, you learned to ride a bike when you were a kid. But unlike many of us, that first wobbly trip down the street, with your parents yelling encouragement, turned into a lifelong passion. Or maybe it’s a new passion. Either way, you’ve got it now and that two-wheeled beauty has you hooked. You love to ride, and when motorcycle riders talk about riding, you know you’re doing the real kind. You’re doing the kind that takes muscle and speed and a focus that won’t let up.

That’s because “Real Men Don’t Need Motors.” You’re not tearing up the earth burning through fossil fuels, you’re not filling the sky with poisonous toxins or making obnoxious noises with your motor. Your motor is you and you’re doing something that tones your body, trains your mind and just feels great.

Hey, we haven’t forgotten the women, either. For you ladies who are cycling fiends, you can tell the world that you look beautiful when you’re on your bike, no matter what: “Helmet Hair, Don’t Care” is your motto, because nothing is going to keep you from jumping on and working up a sweat. We say go for it, because a real man (or woman) will appreciate the fact that you don’t have time to fuss with your hair or your nails when you’re climbing a hill. And we would never suggest going without a helmet, because safety first is a rule we live by, mostly.

And speaking of working up a sweat, any bike rider will appreciate our tee or hoodie that says, “Put Some Adventure Between Your Legs” with a bicycle graphic on it. That’s a sentiment anyone can get behind, so to speak.

Maybe you’re not a professional cyclist or even that great of an amateur. It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, riding a bicycle is cool no matter how you do it. You’ve got style and verve even if you’re riding a bike with a flower basket on it, that’s how cool cycling is. Yeah, go ahead and put those ribbons on the handle, we dare you! You might be the “World’s Okayest Cyclist” and that’s more than okay with us. Because even then you’re miles ahead of the average car driver or anyone else.

At I Love Apparel, we have tees and hoodies that celebrate the joys of cycling. They’ll keep you comfortable if you’re out on a trek or just relaxing after a long ride. With our great selection you are sure to find something that suits your cycling style.


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