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Crafting T-Shirts and Hoodies

You can't help it. When you were a baby you reached for a glue gun before you grabbed a bottle, and you were the only child with glitter-covered diapers. It's obvious, you were born to craft and there's no stopping you when you're on a roll with that package of ribbons.

It's like our tee says, "I've Got a Label Gun and I'm Not Afraid to Use It." Stand back, everybody.

We know your crafting is a way to let your creative side out, and all you're trying to do is make the world a brighter, more sparkly and more beautiful place. You don't just save pictures, you preserve them in a perfectly designed and organized scrapbook, surrounded by other mementos and special thoughts. You don't just wear a pair of jeans or a jacket, you make them personal and one-of-a-kind, whether you're doing that for yourself or someone else. You're generous. You want the world to share in all the fun and all the prettiness.

There's another side to this, too. Crafting is also a way for you to forget the annoyances of other people and other things you have to do that aren't crafting. We're pretty sure that you often agree with this statement: "I Cross-Stitch so I Don't Kill People." We'd hate to see you use those needles for evil.

We get you, crafter, which is why we've got some great tees and hoodies that you can wear when you're out scouting for supplies. You can go ahead and glitter them up, embroider them or paint them to your heart's content. You're going to anyway, so just enjoy it. We know what your motto is: "Live Love Craft."

We also know that crafting isn't just a hobby for you. It's more like the center of your universe, and that's okay. Let them know how it's going to be when you wear a tee or hoodie that says, "If It's Not about Quilting, Don't Ask Me." We won't, because we also know that if you can't do your crafting, you're not happy. That's why you need this tee: "If I Can't Take My Yarn, I'm not Going." Don't That's right, don't let them push you around.

At I Love Apparel, our favorite craft is finding just the right crafting-themed tees and hoodies for you. We're sure you'll find one that you love, or at least one that you can turn into a personal artwork.


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