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Cosmetology T-Shirts and Hoodies

If you work in the beauty industry, you know all about looking and feeling your best. We’ve got just what you need with our tees and hoodies that will keep you stylish and keep your sense of humor intact through all those long hours on your feet.

Try one that proudly tells the world, “This Girl is a Cosmetologist,” or take a humorous twist with, “Warning: I Love to Tease.”

In your job, you need to be an artist, a craftsperson and a good business person all wrapped up in one. You’re a cosmetologist and your job involves making people look and feel beautiful. Every day, you fix their flaws and lift their spirits. Often you’re the only bright spot in their day, heck, a visit with you might be the highlight of their whole month.

That’s why they keep coming back, because, like our tee and hoodie say, “Life Isn’t Perfect, but Your Hair Can Be.

That’s why they call you the “Shear Genius.” It’s true, you’re a wizard with those scissors and you can tame the wildest-looking bush of mats and tangles into a smooth, shining mane. You work that transformation so easily and so quickly, people wonder if you’re a wizard. You’re not, you’re just really talented. Even so, there are some messes that even your talents can’t touch. That’s when you have to wear a tee or hoodie that reminds your customers, “I’m a Hairdresser, Not a Magician.”

You’re a bit of a performer, too, which is why you’ll appreciate our tee that says, “Watch Me Snip; Watch Me Spray Spray.”

Has it been a while since they came to see you? Let them know they're going to need a complete overhaul when you wear this one: “It’s Not You; It’s Your Eyebrows.” And if you’re too busy to talk, remind your customers that it’s time to cover up those nasty grays with a tee that states, “Roots are for Trees.” Negligence isn’t pretty, people, and brows and roots won’t fix themselves.

If your specialty involves fingernails, you’ll appreciate a tee that celebrates your top-notch skills, like this one: “God Took Some of the Smartest Women and Made them Nail Techs.” We also have a matching tee or hoodie that you can give your number-one supporter, because “Real Men Marry Nail Technicians.”

At I Love Apparel, we are happy to show our appreciation for all you hardworking beauty experts with a great collection of cosmetologist-themed tees and hoodies. You’re sure to find one that keeps you looking good.


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