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Corgi T-Shirts and Hoodies

You’re not surprised that Corgis are essentially the mascot of the Royal Family, who have kept their ancestral homes filled with these adorable furballs for decades. Queen Elizabeth has owned over 30 Corgis in her lifetime. We think they might be her favorite dog. We also think that if you’re going to have to get a present for the Queen one day soon, you can’t do better than our tee that says, “This Girl Loves Her Corgi.”

Their name comes from the Welsh words for “dwarf dogs.” People in ancient Wales believed that fairies used Corgi dogs as horses. You would probably agree that there is something magical about your little guy.

Unlike some small dogs, Corgis actually are as lovable as they look. They have thick, double-layered fur and big eyes and a winning personality that’s always ready to jump, run and play. And don’t let the little legs fool you. Corgis make excellent watchdogs and herders. They’re also the fastest runners of the little-dog set.

They’re not just lapdogs although they do love to be cuddled. Corgis were bred as working dogs and it’s in their blood. They made perfect herders because their little size made it easy for them to nip at the ankles of cows and sheep to keep the big beasts in line. You can pay respect to that proud Corgi history with a tee or hoodie that says, “Lowlife” and features a Corgi silhouette.

Corgis have been around for thousands of years, enchanting generations of dog lovers with their sweet sweet smiles and brave hearts. There is evidence that they traveled the world with the Vikings, who couldn’t resist their toughness or their cuteness. We think the Vikings should have been sporting these tees or hoodies: “All You Need is Love and a Corgi.”

With their tiny stature, huge eyes and beautiful colors, Corgis are pretty irresistible. That’s why we can’t blame you if you find yourself wanting to spend your free time with one. You are probably well on the way to wanting a tee or hoodie that says, “All I Care About is My Corgi and, Like, Three Other People.” We’re pretty sure most Corgi owners would agree with you on that one.

At I Love Apparel, we love all dogs big and small, and we enjoy finding just the right tees and hoodies for everyone. You’re sure to find a Corgi-themed tee or hoodie that you’ll be proud to wear.


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