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Coffee T-Shirts and Hoodies

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Coffee, wonderful coffee. Where would be without it? Still asleep in bed or on the couch, that's where. Coffee is what revs up us, keeps us going and never lets us down. It's the only thing that gets us up in the morning and, sometimes, the only thing that gets us through the day.

Let's face it, life begins after coffee. Until you've had it, mornings are torture and reality is just somebody's unproven theory. Every morning requires a monumental effort to deal with the five stages of waking up. It's a good thing coffee is there, beautiful fresh-perked coffee, because it speeds you like lightning through all five stages until you hit the final one: acceptance. That's why your first words every morning are, "Just brew it."

Speaking of words, you can't be trusted to speak until you've had your first gulps of the magical brew. You might find yourself having to apologize for what you said before you drank your coffee. Although, to be honest, some people deserve your caffeine-deprived rage. To be honest, you don't really like morning people, or morning, or people. All you care about is coffee and three other people.

You've got what it takes to take on the world. But first, coffee. Whether you're a nurse powered by coffee, an engineer powered by coffee, or a teacher who needs coffee, you're ready to rock because coffee says, "you can do this." Let's break it down: some days, to conquer everything, all you need is lipstick and coffee.

Of course, coffee isn't just for mornings. Coffee is always a good idea. You like to say you drink coffee like a Gilmore, and nobody spent more time puzzling over--and solving--life's big and little problems than those girls did. They always did it by having long chats over coffee, any time of day or night, and always at Luke's Diner.

Maybe you prefer to have coffee at home, and your favorite coffee shop is Café au Moi. It doesn't matter where you drink it, as long as you get plenty of it.

At I Love Apparel, our motto is "Death before decaf." We don't think you should tolerate one drop of coffee that's been stripped of its natural healing properties. Wake up and smell the coffee and in just a few minutes you'll be thinking clearly enough to pick out one of these great-looking, funny tees to celebrate your love of the roasted bean.


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