Cinco de Mayo T-Shirts and Hoodies

Juan Solo from $22.99

Olé from $22.99

Hey muchachos, we know what time it is! It’s fiesta time and we are going to party until we drop like a busted-open piñata! It’s Cinco de Mayo and that means the cerveza will be flowing and the good times will be rolling!

Yes, it’s that time of year when we commemorate an important moment in a country’s long fight for independence and national dignity by getting loud, obnoxious and drunk. And if you want the perfect topper for your May 5 party outfit, we have more than you can handle!

Are you “ DTF—Down to Fiesta”? Let them know by popping on this tee! Or you can get straight to the point by wearing this one that says you plan to “Fiesta Like There’s No Manana”! You got it, gringo.

Don’t forget to join in for a singalong to that classic party song: “ One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor.” Ouch, sounds like you need more tequila to cure that bump on your head. You know what they say: “When Life Hands You Lemons, Grab Some Tequila and Salt.”

When all else fails, you can still maintain your dignity: “ Keep Calm and Drink a Margarita.”

Maybe you don’t plan a night of heavy drinking or partying. You might prefer to celebrate important elements of Mexican history. We’ve got tees and hoodies for that, too. Why not show your cultural awareness with a tee that says, “ I Love Tacos,” or “I Love Burritos”?

You could let it all hang out and admit that “I Want a Hot Body, but I Also Want Tacos.” It’s a constant dilemma, we know, and we’ll admit that we usually side on the “taco” part of that decision. And always remember, “There is No ‘We’ in Tacos.” Not at our table, that’s for sure.

Are you all about the puns? Then you need to check out our tee or hoodie that features your favorite Star Trek character in a sombrero. Yes, it’s “ Juan Solo”! But wait, there’s more! You could also wear one that says “Cinco de Mayo” and shows five jars of mayonnaise. And if that’s not enough, we also have one with a piñata of a cute burrito and the words, “I’d Hit That.”

Maybe you’re actually of Mexican heritage, not just pretending to be Mexican so you can have another excuse to whoop it up. If so, we’ve got your tee and hoodie needs covered right here, too, amigo. You can show your pride by wearing a “Mexico” tee, or take a stand that lets them know you’re “ Straight Outta Mexico.”

When the night is over, announce that the party’s over because you’re leaving. Wave them off with a tee that says, “Adios Bitchachos.”

At I Love Apparel, we have tees and hoodies that help you celebrate all of life’s important events. We know you love being Mexican even if it’s just for one night, so take a look at our Cinco de Mayo tees and hoodies. Grab one today and say “Ole!”

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