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Chef T-Shirts and Hoodies

You’ve got your pans, your fire and your spice rack. The sauces are simmering, the steaks are butterflied, the boil is rolling and you’re ready to rock and roll in that kitchen. You’re making magic in there, like an alchemist turning ordinary ingredients into gold.

Yes, you’re predicting a great night ahead of mixing, frying and whisking. You know one thing’s for sure, that wine isn’t just for cooking with. That’s why we’ve got this tee for you: “Evening Forecast: Cooking with a Strong Chance of Drinking.” Keeping to same idea, you might also like one of our wine-themed tees or hoodies. We suggest, “I Cook with Wine; Sometimes I Even Put it in the Food.”

Are you a professional chef or a skilled amateur? It doesn’t matter, anyone who says “The Kitchen is My Happy Place” will feel at home in one of these tees and hoodies. They’ll even work for you if you’re the “World’s Okayest Chef” and that’s okay with us.

Chefs work long hours and they’re frequently stressed out. We sure don’t have to tell you that, right? But sometimes the work tension can spill over into your home life, and that can make things rough. But your family is there for you, and you can show your appreciation by wearing one of our tees and hoodies that celebrate the loving support you get at home. We’ve got one that reads, “Real Men Marry Chefs,” and you know it’s true. Real men marry women who are smart, hardworking and able to put up with all kinds of crazy chaos. That’s a chef; that’s you.

Maybe you’d prefer a tee or hoodie that says, “Sorry—Girl Already Taken by a Smart and Sexy Chef,” Or “Sorry—Guy Already Taken by a Smart and Sexy Chef.” If you’ve got a special someone who loves to cook, show them what they mean to you by giving them one of these.

You keep working your magic and we’ll keep making tees that tell the world what you most love. You live by the motto “Live Love Cook” and you should wear that slogan with pride.

At I Love Apparel, we love to eat so we appreciate the work you chefs do. We want you to be comfortable in that hot kitchen, and we know you will be with one of our great, all-cotton chef-themed tees.


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