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Cat T-Shirts and Hoodies

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Cats have intrigued and mystified us for centuries, and they still captivate us with their mysterious ways and their surprising bursts of sweetness. A dog will love you almost from the get-go, but with a cat, well, let’s just say that a cat’s love has to be earned. And that’s why it’s even more valuable.

All you know is, “Life is Better with Cats,” and because they’re so wonderful, you just want to walk around wearing a tee or hoodie that says you’re offering “Free Hugs for Cats.” Because you love them all, and they all deserve cuddles, hugs and treats.

After all, dogs are great, all animals are great, but who can hold a candle to a cat? Beautiful, regal, playful, intelligent, and unobtrusive, cats may not like riding in cars but they’re perfect for warming your lap while you read, or keeping you company on a desktop while you’re working, and they bring a jolt of class wherever they go. They also hold tight to their wild, independent spirit, which is why we’ve got a tee or hoodie with a cat face on it that says, “I Do What I Want.” Yeah, that’s pretty much the case.

Cats are clearly superior to most humans (let’s face it, your cat is much better than you) which is why it makes perfect sense to wear a tee that says, “I Can’t. I Have Plans with My Cat.” You can’t imagine that there are any humans you’d rather spend time with, right? And any right-thinking person will understand that a feline always comes first.

And if people tell you that’s just weird? Tell them, “I Was Normal Three Cats Ago.”

If you have cats, you know how soothing and pleasant it is to be around them. They never raise a fuss unless you do something stupid like bring a dog or a vacuum cleaner into the room. Otherwise they’re content to just keep you company and take naps. In fact, you probably agree fully with our tee that says, “I Just Want to Drink Wine, Play with my Cat, and Take Naps.” That sounds like a perfect day to us.

Cats are the reason we get up in the morning and the best reason of all to come home at night. It’s true that, “I Work Hard so My Cats Can Have a Better Life.”

We have tees and hoodies that say you’re proud to be a “Crazy Cat Lady” or explain that, “This is My Cat Hair Shirt.”

At I Love Apparel, we share your love of these elegant beasts, and we know you’ll find a cat-themed tee or hoodie that even your cat will approve of.


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