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Cars T-Shirts and Hoodies

To some people, cars are just large, practical machines that take us where we need to go. That’s why you’re not like most people. You appreciate cars and all kinds of vehicles for much more than that. You like the way they look, the way they run, the way they sound and the way they make you feel. You go by the nicknames Gearhead, Motorhead, Goodwrench and Grease Monkey to the point where you’ve forgotten what your name actually is.

Not that it matters because you don’t tend to have long, personal conversations with too many people so names aren’t important. You’d rather hang around a garage anyway, as long as that garage has more vehicles in it than human beings. For you, we’ve got a tee or hoodie that says, “Al I Care About is Trucks and, Like, Maybe Three People.”

Pickup trucks, sports cars, sedans, 16-wheelers, Jeeps, station wagons, you’re not picky. You’ll take anything that’s got a motor in it. Put you in a parking lot and you’re like a kid in a candy shop. You’ll even settle for a riding lawnmower if there’s nothing else.

You also like really big machines, the kind that lift earth and mow down buildings. You live by the motto “No Road, No Problem,” because if you have to, you’ll carve out a road and then drive down it.

You might be a mechanic by profession or by hobby, so show off your skills and have fun wearing our tee or hoodie that says, “I Still Play with Blocks.” If they get it, they get it. If they don’t, try one that breaks it down a little more simply by saying, “I Still Play with Cars.”

The first word you learned as a baby was “carburetor,” much to your parents’ shock. You skipped learning to ride a bike and went straight to figuring out how to reach the car pedals. You love cars and that’s all there is to it. You think about them all the time and can talk about them nonstop. You can get pretty technical but once you start rolling, you don’t even care if anybody’s following, because frankly, you “Will Talk Cars with Anyone.”

You also love to drive, of course, and you don’t mess around with cars that do all the work for you. You know that “Real Women Use Three Pedals” and “Real Men Use Three Pedals.”

At I Love Apparel, we are driven to find the best-looking, funniest car-themed tees and hoodies. One of our collection is sure to get your motor humming.


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