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Boxer T-Shirts and Hoodies

Boxers are known for many things, like their unique heads and their smooth coats, but mostly they’re known for their bright intelligence and their calm, loving personalities. You fell in love with your Boxer at first sight of that clipped fur, those large alert ears and those big velvety paws. When you brought this dog home you brought home a new member of the family. Your Boxer gets along with everyone, including kids and other pets, and wants nothing more than to love and be loved.

It’s no wonder you’ve concluded that, ““Life is Better With a Boxer.”

Nobody is quite sure where Boxers got their name, but it’s true that your dog does like to get up on his hind legs and pretend to box. It’s all in play, though, as he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body.

If you like to wear your Boxer love out and about, you’re in luck because one of our tees and hoodies is bound to express just how you feel. Maybe you’re thinking that you’ve lucked out with this dog; if so, you’ll enjoy our tee that says, “I Asked God for a True Friend, so He Sent Me a Boxer.”

Try one that features a cute Boxer picture and the words, “This Girl Loves Her Boxer.”

Your Boxer has been more true and faithful than anyone else in your life, so celebrate that with a tee that says, “Whoever Said Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend Never Owned a Boxer.”

If your humor has a touch of sarcasm in it, let people know that they’re always going to rank second at best when it comes to your big-eared baby: “Boxers Make Me Happy; You, Not so Much.” You’re just being honest, right?

Do you want to be even more honest? You can with a tee or hoodie that proclaims, “All I Care About is My Boxer and, Like, Three Other People.”

Let them know they’re under scrutiny with one that says, “If My Boxer Doesn’t Like You, I Probably Won’t Either.”

Or just forget them and focus on the things that bring you joy: “I Just Want to Drink Wine, Play With My Boxer and Take Naps.” Because when it comes right down to it, “All You Need is Love and a Boxer.”

At I Love Apparel, we know your dog is more than a friend and more than a pet. Your love your Boxer-WE also know you’ll find the right Boxer-themed tees and hoodies in our great collection.


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