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Bowling T-Shirts and Hoodies

It’s the sport of kings. No, wait, that’s something else. Well, let’s just say that you sure feel like royalty when you’re rolling that ball down the lane. You’re the king or queen of your own little domain there, and nothing is going to stop you.

You’re the ruler of the tenpins, the duckpins or any other pins that might choose to line up in front of your ball. You’ve got a steady eye and deadly aim and you like nothing better than showing off your awesome bowling form. Go ahead, strut your stuff and show them what kind of fancy footwork you can do in those fancy bowling shoes.

Sure, there are haters. There always are when you’re this good. But you don’t have time for that, because you’ve got some serious bowling to do, so you just let it slide. Show them your spirit with a tee or hoodie that says, “That’s How I Roll,” and make them laugh while they’re watching you in envy.

If you’re not feeling that confident about your bowling process you can play it modest with our “World’s Okayest Bowler” tee. Hey, that’s an achievement too. Nobody is as okay as you when it comes to bowling.

You always try to find time to bowl, but somehow the amount you get just isn’t enough. Whenever you’re doing something necessary but horrible like work, or your taxes, or chatting with some loudmouthed relative, you know where your heart and mind are. Far, far away in a bowling alley. In those situations, just pop on this tee: “I’d Rather Be Bowling.” It gets the point across, and it’s true, isn’t it? You really would rather be bowling than doing just about anything.

Some people might tell you that you’re a little too obsessed with bowling, as if that were even possible. Clearly they don’t know what they’re talking about, so get them to zip their lips by wearing a tee or hoodie that says, “Split Happens.” Yes, and you’ve got to make sure it happens the way you want.

And if you love bowling so much that your favorite city has “bowling” in its name, then yes, we have a tee that says, “My Heart Belongs to Bowling Green, Kentucky.” Now that’s devotion.

At I Love Apparel, we know this sport bowls you over (sorry) and we want you to feel the same way about our bowling-themed tees and hoodies. We’re sure you will find one that’s the perfect strike for you.


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