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Boston Terrier T-Shirts and Hoodies

We don’t need to tell you what’s great about a Boston Terrier. But we’re going to anyway. Boston Terriers are known for their black-and-white coloring, their pointed ears and their cute little mugs. But only those who live with them know how gentle, funny and easygoing this breed can be.

Bred to be rat catchers and fighters, Boston Terriers have left their bloody past behind and are now happy to just be your co-pilot. Your Boston Terrier will keep you laughing and keep you company, no matter what’s on the agenda. It’s no wonder they’re a popular choice as therapy dogs, because their calm, sweet nature is easy to trust.

There are a lot of reasons to love a Boston Terrier and we have tees and hoodies that express all of them. You already know that “Life is Better with a Boston Terrier.” For your next tee or hoodie, try one that shows the handsome head of a Boston Terrier surrounded by a heart. Your dog is in your heart in the same way, smiling and safe. Stay in the love theme with a tee or hoodie that shouts it out: “This Girl Loves Her Boston Terrier.” It features a Boston Terrier with a funny expression and his long tongue hanging out. It’s adorable.

If you’re feeling a little snark with your love, pop on a tee or hoodie that bears the touching message, “Boston Terriers Make Me Happy; You, Not so Much.” Take it a step further with the same idea by letting everyone know that, “All I Care About is My Boston Terrier and, Like, Three Other People.” Hey why lie about it?

It’s not that you’re antisocial. It’s just that if anybody wants to hang with you, they better accept that your Boston Terrier comes with the territory. In fact, let them know from the start that, “If My Boston Terrier Doesn’t Like You, I Probably Won’t Either.”

And if you alienate some people with your dog love? Only the people who don’t matter will mind. As for the rest, you’ll be fine without them because you’ve discovered that in life, “All You Need is Love and a Boston Terrier.”

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have hobbies. It’s important to find time in every day to relax and enjoy your favorite things. So make a list of your favorite pastimes and then wear them on a tee or hoodie that says, “I Just Want to Drink Wine, Play With My Boston Terrier and Take Naps.”

At I Love Apparel, we salute your love of an all-American dog. Look through our great collection of Boston Terrier-themed tees and hoodies to find the one that fits your mood.


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