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Boating T-Shirts and Hoodies

You’re a seagoing type. Your sea might be a lake, or a river, or it might be the mighty ocean. Whatever form your water takes, you’re only happy when you’re floating on it. And you don’t even care what kind of vessel you head out in. It could be a sailboat, a motor boat, a yacht, a pontoon or a speedboat.

It’s a boat. You’re on it. Yup, you’re on a boat. And you’re not just a passenger. You’re the captain.

Boating makes you happy. It puts a big grin on your face when you’re out on the water piloting your way to the next adventure. Deep down, you sometimes wish you’d been born in another era, when great ships roamed the waves and everybody was swashbuckling around and drinking rum punch. Yeah, you admit it; you’re a pirate at heart. Everyone who loves a boat has a bit of that in them.

You also love the freedom that boating gives you. Nothing feels better than the wind whipping around your face. Boat hair? Don’t care, that’s what you think. You might throw on a hat but the only thing you want to be wearing on your boat is a life vest and a big smile. Oh, and a big drink in your hand. It doesn’t even have to be rum punch.

Boating usually goes along with fishing, but really, you don’t need to fish to have a good time. As long as you’re out there skippering along, you’re fine with any activity, or no activity. Hey, you’re outdoorsy; you like drinking on boats. You also love any plan that involves sand, palm trees and a lounge chair. After all, the only thing that’s more fun than boating itself is coming into dry land and planting yourself on a beach. Toes in the sand, cocktail in your hand—that’s the kind of outdoor activity you can really get behind.

Boating is fun for the whole family, and it’s also a fun way to get away from the whole family and just chill with your buddies—or your Buds.

At I Love Apparel, we think you and your whole crew deserve tees and hoodies that show off your nautical nature. They’ll stand up to salt water, rain and wind and keep you feeling and looking good the whole time. We haven’t forgotten the holidays, either; we even offer an ugly Christmas sweater tee that features boats. We know you'll find one that suits your seagoing style.


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