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Beard T-Shirts and Hoodies

It’s furry, fuzzy and fluffy. It keeps you warm and gives you that look the ladies love. Yup, it’s your beard and you know what it does. That’s why you decided to “Say No to Razors” and let that hair grow.

You could have a full, long one that would make the guys on Duck Dynasty or the members of ZZ Top envy you. And yes, wearing a beard does indeed make you a sharp-dressed man, and we all know how every girl feels about them. In fact you may find yourself having to warn them off with a tee or hoodie that states, “Excuse Me, Miss, my Eyes are Up Here.” If you’ve got one of those luxurious rugs, brag about it with our tee or hoodie that reads “I Like Big Beards and I Cannot Lie.”

Or you might be a fan of smaller beards like goatees (or even goats—yeah, we have tees for that too). You might like it trimmed, you might like it with a twist, you might like it curled or waxed or styled a hundred different ways. You might even like to wrap it around a couple of beer cans like that one guy does. Maybe it’s more than one guy. You should know, you’re the beard expert!

However you like it, it goes without saying that you’re an all-natural guy. They don’t make extensions or weaves for beards and you’re all about tending your little patch as nature intended. For you we’ve got the “Grow What Your Father Gave You” tee.

There’s never a bad time to show your beard pride, and our tees and hoodies let you do it in style. These are also great for wearing to a beard contest, but you don’t need a special occasion to show the love.

Your beard is your pride and joy but it’s also a great way to show that you’re all man, as if anybody needed any proof. The fact is, only a true man can grow great facial hair like yours. Remind people of that when you wear a tee that says, “There’s a Word for People Who Don’t Have Beards: Children.” And get those health nuts off your case with a tee or hoodie that notes, “Running Makes You Thin; Bearding Makes You Awesome.”

Truer words were never spoken. After all, women are praised for having long hair, so why shouldn’t men have the same fun?

At I Love Apparel, we think you should wear whatever you want on your face. And you should match it with one of our comfortable, all-cotton, beard-themed tees and hoodies. You’re sure to find one that tickles your funny bone like that early growth used to tickle your chin.


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