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Beagle T-Shirts and Hoodies

Snoopy may be the most famous Beagle, but there’s no question that your Beagle is the star of your home. Your dog has a great sense of humor, a big sense of play and a huge open heart. From the moment you set eyes on that dog, you just knew that the two of you were headed for years of fun together. Beagles love to play and they’re happiest when people are around.

Beagles were bred to hunt and they’ve retained a powerful sense of smell and the fierce determination to keep after something until they catch it or finish it. But their hunting days are mostly over and they’ve stepped up to become a favorite family pet. Beagles are sociable and always up for meeting new people. They’re great with kids and other dogs. They’re just great dogs, period.

From the moment you saw yours, you knew it was love, and you were right. Your Beagle makes you happy every day, proving over and over that, like our tee and hoodie say, “All You Need is Love and a Beagle.”

Your Beagle is currently your favorite person and you don’t care who knows it. You might be a little obsessive about that playful, big-eyed pup. You simile whenever you’re hanging with your dog and other people just don’t cut it anymore. You’ll enjoy wearing one of our tees that says, “All I Care About is My Beagle and, Like, Three Other People.”
Maybe your Beagle has shown you what true loyalty is for the first time. Dogs can be that way. You never have to wonder if they’re happy to see you or sorry to see you go. That’s why you’ve come to realize that when it comes to a true companion, “Dogs, not Diamonds, are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

On the other hand, maybe your Beagle’s open-hearted love for mankind has made your heart open just a little. It could be that your love for those floppy ears and chocolate eyes has opened your eyes to other possibilities. You might like our tee or hoodie that states, “Love One Man and Several Dogs” or “Love One Woman and Several Dogs.”

At I Love Apparel, we celebrate the good qualities of all dogs, and there are a lot of those. We’re sure you’ll find a Beagle-themed tee or hoodie that makes you smile.


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