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Beach T-Shirts and Hoodies

Feeling a little glum about the world? Seeing dark clouds everywhere you look? Don’t worry. There’s a cure for what ails you. You need your vitamin sea and you need it quick.

There’s a reason people immediately think of palm trees, ocean breezes and sunshine when they say the word “paradise.” Because you know the Garden of Eden had a deck chair and a tiki bar, and you know Adam and Eve courted each other over a rum-based concoction served in a giant bowl with an umbrella and lots of fruit in it. A snow-capped mountain might be pretty to look at, in a postcard, but nobody ever called it paradise.

When you want to feel good, there’s nothing like the beach. It’s the place where you come alive. It’s where you drop everything from your worries to your shoes, and sink into a warm, safe place where the only thing you have to answer is the question of how many pina coladas you want. No wonder you’re an oceanholic. There’s nothing you love more than feeling the warm breezes, looking out at the bright sun playing on the waves, and the feeling of sand between your toes. Yes, life’s a beach and what a great life it is.

We know you’d be there every day if you could. But you’ve got things like jobs and responsibilities that intrude on your sunshine in a big way. Well, it’s time to seas the day. Pack your bags, toss on your flip-flops, and head on out. Soon you’ll be saying “Aloha beaches” and breathing the clean air of your natural home.

When it comes to a perfect day in the sun, there are no rules. Whether you love volleyball, live by the motto “live, love surf,” or simply want your toes in the sand a cocktail in your hand, the best way to live the beach life is your way. This is a place with no clock to punch, no deadlines and no screaming telephones. If bad thoughts start to intrude, it’s time for another tropical drink.

Some people tell you it’s bad to just laze around on a beach chair in the sun. Beach please. You’re not here for intellectual pursuits. You’re here for ocean air, salty hair, and beautiful sunrises. Preferably tequila sunrises.

At I Love Apparel, we think you should indulge your love of the ocean whenever you can. And when you can’t, you can get that same great feeling when you wear one of our tees and hoodies. Just like a day at the beach, they’ll make you feel at ease whenever you slip one on. Pick one to match your beach towel and take it easy.


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