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BBQ T-Shirts and Hoodies

Hey there, do you know what time it is? It's time to get your grill on, that's what time it is. It doesn't matter if it's winter or summer, rain or shine, when the stomach wants to be fed a real meal, you need to get those coals cooking.

Nothing tastes better than meat on the grill. The barbecue was made for cooking steak but it also does a fine job on hot dogs, burgers and chicken. Heck, anything that moves can end up as a tasty grilled item. Your motto is, "You kill it, I'll grill it." How can anyone resist that smell, that taste, the great spicy smoke that fills the air and says, this is heaven?

Heck, let's just throw everything on there: corn, potatoes, even veggies if we have to. Anything tastes better with a good char on it.

Grilling is a manly art, but women do a great job too. You may have to fight about who gets top billing as the grill sergeant. A barbecue sure seems to make a lot of people want to brag about their skills with the fork and spatula. Maybe you believe that, unlike lesser mortals, you were born to grill. Maybe you've clawed your way fighting to the top of the smoker, and now you're the undisputed king of the grill.
You might be the sly, wise Grillfather whose steak is an offer that nobody can refuse.

Or maybe you don't think you're the world's best grillmaster but you're willing to give it a try, especially if there's free beer involved. Go ahead and advertise your services with a tee that states you will grill for beer. Hey, it may not be the best barbecue anybody ever ate, but if you're all drinking beer, it's going to taste pretty good anyway.

If you're grilling it at a family get-together, try one of our customizable tees specially made for family reunions. You can get these for everyone in the family and have a blast hanging with your extended family while you cook up a storm. Just make sure everybody knows what to bring, which means maybe some potato salad but mostly meat and more meat, because kale has no place at a bbq!

At I Love Apparel, we like a good barbecue as much as the next person, and we really like making tees and hoodies that celebrate the fun of playing with fire. You're sure to find a tee that tickles your funny bone. And just remember, the grill is always there, so when things get tough, keep calm and grill on.


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