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Bass Guitar T-Shirts and Hoodies

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Shirts For All Bassists

Okay. Stop everything. Let’s talk about the bass guitar for a second. We think this fantastic instrument deserves some seriously needed attention and admiration! Sometimes considered just a backup instrument in some people’s minds, the bass is far from being just anything! We consider the bass a formidable contender to be one of the best stringed instruments of all time. You could say that we’re all about that bass. (Yeah, we went there. Just go ahead and roll your eyes. Now, let’s move on.)

Consider for a moment the magical musical stylings of the late John Entwistle. The man knew what he was doing, for sure, and better yet… he brilliantly displayed the bass guitar’s ability to shine like the lead instrument it could be. There’s no denying the bass guitar’s potential to take over the world of music as we know it, and we think society should be prepared to be amazed.

We have designed this collection as an ode to all things bass, partially because we know you’ll really love it and we are all about making things you’ll really love, and partially because we just think the bass is freakin awesome and should have some of its own dedicated merch. Thus, these bass t-shirts and hoodies were created. Nuff said.

Perhaps you are a proud bass guitar player who happens to think that the instrument you play is the best thing since sliced bread. We’ve got tons of options just for you! Now you can show off your love for being an awesome and talented bassist with our funny and creative designs. Whether you consider yourself akin to a bass playing god or goddess, or just happen to be theworld’s okayest bassist, we think just the fact that you dabble in the world of playing the bass (if even a little!) makes you a hero in your own right!

We’ve also got options for those of you who are a little more chill about their love for bass. Sometimes you just need to sit back, put your feet up, and take a load off. And now you can inspire others to just chill a little too. With ourRelax - The Bass Player’s Here shirt, you’re bound to bring some peace and calm to those around you with the assurance that you’ve got the most important part of the music covered… the bass playing!

Whether you’re a bass player in a band or a bass player on a couch (or both), you’ve got some mad skills to show off! From hilariously witty to sentimental, from logically sound to just plain ridiculous, we’ve got bass t-shirts for all occasions and walks of life. There’s nothing better than knowing what you love and having the ability to share that love with the world. Feel free to use our fantastic shirts and hoodies to fulfill that need and help the cause of bass guitar validation everywhere you go. Go ahead. Grab a shirt. And you’re welcome.


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