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Basketball T-Shirts and Hoodies

What’s more exciting than basketball? Whether you’re watching it or playing it, nothing compares to its speed, its quickness or its players’ agility. It’s so fast-moving you can get tired just sitting at a game, and that’s just one of the reasons you love it.

The excitement doesn’t dim, either, because you’ve got all the great college games, the tournaments, the professional games and the whole run of nonstop fun. It takes a lot of time to follow this sport, and you may sometimes find that people insist on interfering with your ability to focus on it. You can avoid that by wearing a tee or hoodie that tells them to put a lid on it: “Basketball Makes Me Happy; You, Not So Much.”

We have tees that suit any basketball activity. Say you get talked into going to some boring Christmas party. Show up in our “Ugly Christmas Sweater—Basketball” tee or hoodie and you’ll be an instant hit. It is the perfect item for those “Ugly Sweater” parties because you don’t actually have to wear a multicolored monstrosity on your back. You can style it up in this Christmas-themed tee that shows a pattern of snowflakes and basketballs. Because no holiday is complete without snow--or basketball.

If hoops is your favorite game to play, you’re getting great exercise while you’re having fun. Show off your moves with a tee or hoodie that says, “Good Things Come to Those Who Sweat.”

If your son or daughter plays basketball, you can be queen of the courtside with a tee or hoodie made just for you. Try the one that warns, “Don’t Make Me Use my Basketball Mom Voice.” Oh yeah, nobody wants to hear that. It can stop any game right in its tracks—you’ve seen it happen. You can also let everyone know who you’re cheering for when you wear one that says, “My Favorite Basketball Player Calls Me Mom.” Now that’s one that will bring a smile to your kid’s heart when he or she is pounding down the court. You go, Mom!

Sometimes a simple statement says it all, which is why we offer a tee or hoodie that just says “Love” with a basketball interwoven. That’s a statement of true love if we ever saw one.

At I Love Apparel, we know you’re a basket case when it comes to your favorite sport. We have a full line of basketball-themed tees and hoodies that are sure to keep you in the game.


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