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Baseball T-Shirts and Hoodies

We all know what the first signs of spring are: crocuses, robins and baseball.

Baseball always coincides with the sunny seasons, and that’s only natural in your view. Football lovers can have their sport that goes into the dark, nasty days of winter. You’re hanging out with the boys of summer, sitting in the stands with your cap on and singing, “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.”

Baseball is full of beautiful traditions that should bring a tear to any true patriot’s eye—after all, it’s our national pastime. You know it and we know it, and now you can show it with our tee that reads, “Baseball. Apple Pie. America.” Yeah, it really is all about that. If you don’t love baseball then you probably hate apple pie, puppies and moms too.

You don’t have time for that kind of loser, which is why we’ve made a tee that just says “Love” with a baseball where the O is. You take your love seriously, and good for you. You have a simple life philosophy: “Live Love Swing.” What else is there?

For those of you who like a little humor in your tee, check out the one that declares, “I’m All about That Base.”

Does baseball run in the family? It probably does if you insisted your kids learn this great and noble game. You can tell everyone about by wearing a tee or hoodie that says, “I Teach My Kids to Hit and Steal.” That should make them do a double-take.

Having trouble with neighbors or coworkers? If you’re a sports mom, you’ve learned not to take any guff from anybody. Set them straight with a tee or hoodie that says, “Don’t Make Me Use my Baseball Mom Voice.” It’s the voice that has chilled the bones of a hundred refs, coaches and parents, and it is guaranteed to make them zip it.

When your son or daughter is stealing home or making the game-winning catch, make sure everyone knows where those great genes come from: “My Favorite Baseball Player Calls Me Mom.”

Grandparents, we have one for you too: “I’m My Grandson’s Number One Fan.”

Here at I Love Apparel, we also love apple pie, puppies, moms and baseball. That's why we've created a great-looking collection of baseball-themed tees and hoodies. One is sure to hit a home run with you.


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