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Banjo T-Shirts and Hoodies

Sometimes people ask, “Are you picking on me?” And you say, nope, I’m picking on a banjo.

A banjo isn’t a fancy instrument. It belongs to the mountain hollers and the people who carved out a life there and have plenty of stories to tell. That’s why there ain’t no thing like a banjo string. It’s about life, love and the human condition.

A lot of people will question your love for this instrument, suggesting that you take up a more mainstream instrument like the guitar or the piano. But you’re not about being mainstream. You’re about being happy, and banjos make you happy. In fact, if you had your druthers you’d spend more time with it than you would with anything or anyone else in your life. We know you’ve dreamed about quitting your job so you’d have more free time to do what you want. And what you want is to drink beer, play banjo and take naps.

You love the banjo and who can blame you? A lot of songs written for the banjo deal with life’s troubles, because those folks knew what it was to suffer and fight and go through all the problems one human can experience. Or ten really unlucky ones. That’s why you turn to your stringed best friend when you’re feeling the weight of the world. You know the banjo will lighten your load. It’s like you always say: You don’t need therapy, you just need to play your banjo.

You might have a natural talent for the banjo. It could be that the moment you picked one up and looked at its sweet round face, you knew just what to do with it. If so, you deserve the title Lord of the Strings, because clearly you’ve got the one banjo to rule them all. Yes, my precious, we like our puns. But the banjo, like a good person, doesn’t discriminate. You can have a great time even if you’re just the world’s okayest banjo player.

At I Love Apparel, we want you to wear your love of banjos with pride. Our banjo-themed tees and hoodies will keep you looking good when you’re playing the banjo and when you’re just thinking about playing it. These also make great gifts for that special banjo player in your life.


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