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Bacon T-Shirts and Hoodies

Hear that sizzle? Hear that pop? There's only one thing that makes that sound and if you wake up in the morning to the smell of bacon then we'd say you're in hog heaven, so to speak. Bacon is the king of meats. We'd actually take that a step further and say that it's the king of all food, and we know you'd agree.

There's a reason you'll find bacon in recipes ranging from salads to ice cream and it's because bacon makes everything better. It can take the plainest, most boring food and make it taste like the ambrosia of the gods. Heck, if you like, put it in your ambrosia too. It couldn't hurt and it might even help. Bacon adds delicious crispness, just the right amount of greasiness, and a taste that lets you know God loves you.

Bacon is so great at adding that pow factor to food, it's no wonder everyone from home cooks to famous chefs rely on it to jazz up their meals. Got a tasteless mess on your hands? Add some of that crispy curly stuff and watch it work its magic. Everyone will inhale your cooking and then ask for seconds. Missing an ingredient for a recipe? Just toss in bacon. Who cares if the recipe was for pie, or soup? Trust us, it will taste better. Bacon is duct tape for the kitchen; it fixes everything.

Now if you're not using bacon to cook, you're missing out. Bacon is good to eat anytime and when it's around you know there are good times ahead. It's a tough old world out there and bacon is like the first robin in the springtime. It gives you hope. Hope for a brighter future. Life is hard; bacon helps. That's why if you're lucky enough to have somebody cooking bacon for you, you've hit the jackpot of romance.

You hear that grease fry up and you think, love is in the air. Nope, it's bacon. But that's okay because bacon is a lot more fun that love.

At I Love Apparel, we back your love of bacon. We would never want you to feel you had to slow down your eating of it. Bad for you? What idiot says that? Bacon is low-carb and gluten-free. It's a health food. In fact, bacon is a vegetable.

So keep enjoying it, keep eating it and keep loving it. Don't even dream about switching it for something else. Because change is good, but bacon is better.


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