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Artist T-Shirts and Hoodies

Without artists, the world would be a drab, colorless place indeed. If you're an artist you bring light and joy to the world and you deserve to be celebrated for it.

You might make your living as an artist, or it might be an enjoyable hobby that lets you forget the horrors of your job or your family for a brief (we know, too brief) time. It might be the most blissful part of your day, or it might be that you're running a mile a minute as an artist powered by coffee.

There are all kinds of artists and you all bring beauty to the world. You might be a painter, a photographer, a sculptor or a jewelry maker. You might be making your living as a hair stylist, a makeup artist or a cosmetologist--and by the way, although the results you get might seem magical, remember that you're a beautician, not a magician.

We know you can find a tee that expresses what you love best about your art. If you love literature, we've got tees that celebrate books. If you're a tattoo artist or someone who likes wearing tattoos, we've got the tee for that.

Maybe you're looking for just the right gift for that artist friend, family member or spouse who's hard to shop for. Here you'll find the tee that will let you share a laugh, a hug or a knowing smile, all without saying a word.

You live your art, you love it, it's so much a part of you, you even speak its language; yes, you speak artsy-fartsy. You're most at home talking your language among your own kind, and it's certainly a lot easier for you artists to understand each other. Still, once in a while one of us lesser mortals is lucky enough to catch your discerning eye and make you our own. That's when you can proudly tell the world that real men marry artists or that you're a girl who's taken by a smart and sexy artist.

At I Love Apparel, our creative bent has one goal: to make tees and hoodies that tell the world you're an artist and proud of it. We want you to feel comfy and relaxed so your creative ideas can flow freely. These tees will stand up to all your meltdowns, makeup blotches, ink stains and whatever else you get on them. Find the one that tells your story.


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