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Art Therapist T-Shirts and Hoodies

There are dozens of different kinds of therapists and it’s probably because most people need a lot of help getting their heads straightened out. You’ve got psychotherapists, music therapists, physical therapists, counselors and all kinds of headshrinkers. And then there’s you, the art therapist.

You combine a love of art with a hope that you can help people face their problems, find answers, find fulfillment and live happier lives. That’s a lot to offer the world and you’re clearly a generous person.

Most people don’t realize how powerful art can be, but you have always known it. Art was what allowed you to escape and heal when your life spun out of control. It was your refuge and your oasis. That’s why you feel compelled to share it.

The best thing about art therapy? People don’t have to be good at art to benefit from it. When you work with someone, it could be the first time they pick up a pencil or a paintbrush. It might be the first time they started to focus on the colors around them. You help them see those things like they’re new. You give them a whole new way of expressing themselves.

Are you tired of those “keep calm” posters and buttons? How can a person keep calm when their life is falling to pieces? Let them know there’s real help on the way with a tee or hoodie that features the little crown graphic and the words, “If You Can’t Keep Calm, Talk to an Art Therapist.”

As an art therapist, you bring joy and color wherever you go. And you certainly bring that same joy to special people in your life. For them, we also have some great tees and hoodies. Try one that says, “Sorry, This Girl is Already Taken by a Smart and Sexy Art Therapist,” or “Sorry, This Guy is Already Taken by a Smart and Sexy Art Therapist.”

At I Love Apparel, we know there are a lot of people out there whose heads could use a little help. And by a little, we mean a lot. We hope all of them find a compassionate, caring art therapist who will make their messed-up minds a little better.

We have tees and hoodies for all kinds of therapists. Check out all of our collections and you’re sure to find one that’s as pretty as a picture on you.


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