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Architect T-Shirts and Hoodies

To do your job well you have to be good at an amazing number of things. You have to know about structural engineering, plumbing, electricity, mechanical design and zoning laws. You need to have a sharp sense of planning and organization. You have to be good at physics, math, drafting and design. You need a creative vision. You have to have an eye for what’s esthetic and what fits into the surrounding landscape.

You also need patience, because you know better than anyone that Rome wasn’t built in a day. The great cathedrals took a century or more to get finished, although it’s true that the building of them was often interrupted by war, invasion and other annoyances. You don’t have that to deal with, but you might have to face endless committee meetings, board meetings and review meetings before your project can get off the ground and start rising.

It’s all worth it in the end, though, and you get to see the results of your hard work and patience all around you. Your job affects everyone because we’re in the buildings you make every day, whether they’re office buildings, garages, shopping malls, corner stores, country cottages, houses or skyscrapers.

Yeah, you’re pretty smart and almost scarily multitalented. You also have a big responsibility on your shoulders, because if the building is ugly or unsafe, that’s on you. You’re going to hear about it for a long time.

You’ve got a lot going on. And you definitely deserve to wear clothes that let you relax when you’re not at the drafting table or the planning meeting. Get comfortable in your off hours, wearing one of our great-looking architect-themed tees and hoodies.

You take your job and your responsibilities seriously, which is why people will nod in agreement when you walk around wearing one that says, “Trust Me, I’m an Architect.” Hey, if we can’t trust you, who can we trust?

We also have tees for those special people in your life. After all, they deserve some recognition, too, for being your cheerleaders and supporters. Try a tee or hoodie that says, “Sorry, This Guy is Already Taken by a Smart and Sexy Architect,” or “Sorry, This Girl is Already Taken by a Smart and Sexy Architect.”

We also have one that says, “Real Men Marry Architects,” to celebrate the kind of man who’s supportive and always ready to help you remember what’s important in life.

At I Love Apparel, we have tees and hoodies for every profession. Find your architect-themed one and wear it with pride.


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