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Akita T-Shirts and Hoodies

Akitas are revered as a national treasure in their native country of Japan and it’s easy to see why. With their proud bearing, thick silvery fur and those plume-like tails, Akitas are beautiful inside and out.

Bred in the snowy mountains of Japan, Akitas were used as hunting dogs and proved tough enough to take on the biggest prey including bears and wild boars. Whatever you can say about Akitas, there’s no doubt they’re fearless. This tough dog is a natural guard dog who will be fiercely devoted to you. At the same time Akitas can be playful and once the flakes start falling you can see that your dog loves a snow day as much as you do.

Your dog is calm, intelligent and takes his time getting to know people. Some people are afraid of Akitas, just like they’re afraid of other breed like Pit Bulls and Dobermans. But you know it’s not about the breed, it’s about the owner. You know your pup is a steady, loyal friend who will stand by you no matter what. You love your dog’s bravery and the way she cleans her face with her paws, like a giant cat. You know all the charm of this noble dog and you also know that in this life, “All You Need is Love and an Akita.”

Besides, their low-key temperament and protective streak make Akitas perfect as therapy dogs. That could be why the first ones were brought to this country by none other than Helen Keller, who traveled to Japan just to get one and ended up with two.

So just ignore what ignorant people say about your beautiful, brave dog. You don’t need it and you don’t need them. And you can let them know just how you feel when you wear a tee or a hoodie that says, “All I Care About is My Akita and, Like, Three Other People.”

Maybe loving your Akita has taught you that there’s always room in your heart. For you, we’ve got a great tee or hoodie that says what you’re all about in simple terms: “Love One Woman and Several Dogs,” or “Love One Man and Several Dogs.”

At I Love Apparel, we welcome all dogs and all dog lovers. We know you’ll find the Akita-themed tee or hoodie that you and your dog will be proud of.


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