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Age T-Shirts and Hoodies

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If there’s any battle that’s been raging longer than the battle between the sexes, it’s the battle between age groups. On one side, you’ve got the young and dumb whippersnappers who mumble when they talk, dress like they crawled out of a dumpster, and have the cognitive abilities of a partially trained chimp. On the other, there’s the doddering, half-blind, totally deaf old geezers who take three hours to count their change or turn their turn signals off.

It’s quite the pitched fight. And now you can declare which side you’re on by wearing one of our great-looking tees and hoodies that will appeal to anyone, of any age. You can find tees that celebrate your age or your birth year, your favorite decade or all the things you love about being your age.

If you’re an “’80s Kid,” be proud of the fact whether you were born in that great decade or just love its music and styles.

Let them know you may be getting along in years but you’ve still got style to spare with a tee that says, “The Bags Under My Eyes are Designer.”

You also haven’t let age dull your sense of danger. You are still a force to be reckoned with, as they will know when you come in wearing a tee or hoodie that says, “Never Underestimate an Old Man With a Motorcycle,” or “Never Underestimate an Old Lady With a Drum Set.”

Remind them that getting geriatric has its advantages. Check out our tee that says, “I May be Old but I Got to See All the Cool Bands.”

If you’re a “Birthday Girl” or a “Birthday Boy,” be sure to advertise that fact with a tee or hoodie. Let everybody know where the gifts and drinks need to start piling up, right in front of you.

Try a tee or hoodie that says the year of your birth was a very good year indeed. We have a whole range of them, from “Made in 1951, Aged to Perfection” to “Made in 1983, Aged to Perfection.”

Age may be only a number, but maturity is a choice. Tell them that with a tee or hoodie that reminds everyone, “Growing Old is Mandatory; Growing up is Optional.”

At I Love Apparel, we welcome all ages and we have shirts that look great on everyone. Take a gander at our age-themed tees and hoodies and find the one that works for you. These also make great birthday gifts for everyone on your list.


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