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Accountant T-Shirts and Hoodies

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Dear accountants of the world… Let’s get serious for a minute. Because we’re about to talk about how awesome accountants are and we’re going to need everybody’s full and complete attention. This is a very important subject and some specific things need to be addressed.

Let’s just start with the most important point… accountants are amazing! They know how to answer all our questions and have the patience to stick with us when we get confused again and again. They help us balance our lives and budgets and a lot of the time, they go hugely under-appreciated. We think that is a darn shame and that’s why we’ve designed this collection. Consider this our “ode to accountants”. We hope you can see our appreciation and admiration in these designs!

Here are two words that no one likes to hear: Tax Season. Ick! Most of us cringe at the idea of tax season and try to keep it locked away as long as possible. Well, accountants are the brave knights who step forward to face the monsters that are tax forms. They choose to muster their strength, sharpen their weapons (pencils and brains!), and stand firm in the face of shoeboxes of unorganized receipts and all sorts of other obstacles. They are survivors. They are tax season survivors. Because they understand that they are the only ones capable of bringing peace again. Because they understand that they are the unsung heroes who will save the day yet again. Because they understand that there is no crying during tax season.

We all know it's accrual world sometimes. But luckily, we have accountants that can give us a hand. And they aren’t just great with your everyday financial debacles. They are literally superheroes, fighting crime wherever they go! For instance, when all the other attempts had failed by law enforcement, only an accountant could catch Al Capone. Those are some pretty sweet skills!

We think it’s unfortunate that accountants aren’t always appreciated. They can sometimes be considered the bad guy or gal, telling us we owe a certain amount or that our finances weren’t really in the state we had hoped. They have to deliver some pretty bad news sometimes and help keep people on track. This has proved to be a rather difficult challenge throughout the years, we’re sure. But they are accountants, not magicians, people! They can’t just magically make things appear or disappear! (At least, not legally…).

We hope you can see how important it was to cover the ever essential and incredible subject of accountants and the amazing things they do! We are pretty impressed with their level of ability and commitment to making the world go round and we know that none of us could really make it without their expertise! So, accountants of the world, here’s to you! May you ever be honored and appreciated for your financial finesse and may you feel our admiration through this design collection! Sincerely, your pals here at I Love Apparel.


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